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Microsoft Online Services 

The benefits of Microsoft Online Services include the latest business productivity capabilities, ease of use, privacy and rapid disaster recovery, greater flexibility, improved agility and business-class security and reliability.

Cloud Computing is growing.  As a quick illustration, here are some interesting points.

  1. Microsoft spend $9.5 Billion of their research and development budget on the cloud.
  2. 70% of Microsoft's developers are already working on cloud projects.
  3. By 2012, 80% of Fortune 1000 enterprises will be using some cloud computing services, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets. - Gartner
  4. By 2012, 25% of IT spending will be on Cloud services. - IDC
  5. Cloud will be worth $148 Billion in the next two years. - Gartner
  6. By 2014, >40% of NEW enterprise IT spend will be cloud-based.


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Microsoft in the Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Microsoft has a solution for individual professionals, small businesses (5-24 PCs), mid-market businesses (25-249 PCs) and enterprise organisations (500+ PCs). 

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