Combining Microsoft Dynamics CRM with F1’s 20 years CRM/xRM experience to empower customers in creating dynamic and easily-adopted CRM systems for the Cloud.

    CRM Online & the xRM Framework

    Microsoft's highly anticipated next generation Customer Relationship Management solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is available in the UK as the usual on-premise version and also CRM Online.  CRM Online is simply CRM 2013 in the cloud, running on servers in Microsoft’s data centres.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, whether online or on-premise, delivers the "Power of Productivity" through familiar, intelligent and connected experiences.


    Microsoft CRM has a customer based of over 2.5 million users and is used in two different roles:

    F1 is ideally positioned to assist your business through training and coaching to fully utilise this powerful tool, with 25 years experience in the IT industry specialising in the CRM/xRM marketplace, and over 15 years of training Microsoft products. 


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