Latest Scam

What is the Scam?

We have received a number of calls from concerned customers and members of the public about a telephone scam that uses the F1 name to try and get access to computers over the internet.

The call is supposedly to report a problem they have discovered with the person's computer, and a demand for access so that the 'problem' can be fixed.  THIS IS A SCAM.  They are trying to get personal information from your computer to use for illicit purposes.

The are calling the company "F1 Computer Maintenance", or "F1 Services" or  just "F1" and giving a website address similar to ours.  They are also suggesting looking on Google for the company, and we are coming top of that search, giving further gravitas to their claim as we are a bone fide computer company.

All of the callers we have been told about have sounded Asian, with call centre noises in the background, and are being persuasive, and then quite pushy.

We would like to confirm that F1 Computing Systems Limited, sometimes referred to as F1 Computing or just F1, have no affiliation with F1 Computer Maintenance who are making these calls.  We NEVER cold call people to get access to their computers, and we certainly DO NOT monitor computers for problems.

This scam is further referenced in the article 'Virus phone Scam being run from call centres in India' by Charles Arthur of The Guardian newspaper website on 18th July 2010.


What Should You Do If You Get a Call?

Most importantly, DO NOT allow them access to your computer!  It seems logical, but these callers seem genuine and can be pushy.  Some internet providers, such as Tiscali or TalkTalk, have their technical advice centres in India, so you could be misled into believing them.

If you think that you do not have adequate security on your computer, then disconnect your internet connection.  One person we spoke to told us that they had immediately pulled out the modem connection, as they were suspicious.


What Should You Do If You Have Allowed Them to 'Fix' Your Computer?

If you believe you have received a call like this and have given them remote access to your computer, we advise that you get it checked straight away.  A local computer engineer, or a large store such as PC World, will be able to give you further assistance. 

We also suggest that if you are experiencing problems with your computer, that you take it a local computer shop, or contact the manufacturer.


Contact Trading Standards

We have contacted the UK Trading Standards  08454 040506 and informed them about these calls.  They have suggested that anyone who has received a call from the scammers to contact them and report it.  You will be given a new case no. and you should ask Trading Standards also to note the case no. SW671963 given to us.

If Trading Standards receive a number of calls on this issue, then they can escalate the issue faster using the scam caller name or case numbers.



And Finally...

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